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Oussoubleh Robleh
Oussoubleh Robleh

He was born in Somalia, Mogadishu and graduated with honor from Hodan High School in Mogadishu.  He came into the USA as a refugee in 1995 and settled in Atlanta GA; he lived there until 2005 when he transferred to Oregon State University. He went to a community college in Clarkston GA to learn English and took ESL classes. After finishing ESL, he took the TOEFL test and a placement test and was admitted to the same community college and started taking classes, such as English 1101, math, and sciences. He played soccer for the Somali team while in Atlanta. He also enjoyed computer games and solving challenging problems.  His knowledge goes far beyond the classroom as he worked at NCR as a lead technician.  

During his employment at NCR, he was part of the lead team of the staging area Team. His group's task was to work on different accounts under a project manager. He trained and supervised a group of 8 people. At NCR he had the opportunity to work with various people of different backgrounds.

At Portland State University, Oussoubleh has been an active member of The African Student Association and became the president of National Society of Black Engineers. Oussoubleh finds university and professional clubs interesting and has developed strong communication skills.   

Oussoubleh Robleh is an Electrical Engineering major who wishes to one day help alleviate the world from fossil fuel dependency by working with renewable energy. Besides renewable energy, his interest within Electrical Engineering lies in power electronics and systems and controls. In his spare time he prefers to hang out with his friends or watch the History Channel. He speaks 4 languages: French, Arabic, Somali and English fluently.