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Our Community Partner: Our United Villages
Our Community Partner: Our United Villages

Site Address:

4001a N. Mississippi Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

Site Contact:

Linda Hunter, Outreach Facilitator
Phone: 503-546-7499

Faculty Contact:

Ann Marie Fallon, Assistant Professor, University Studies
Phone: 503-725-9423

Project Description:

Our United Villages (OUV) is a local non-profit organization founded on the belief that every person can make a positive difference in their community. We believe that neighborhoods are healthier and happier when each person is valued. OUV invites everyone in a neighborhood to Neighborhood Conversations, where they provide facilitation, food, and necessary accommodations for 2 ½ hour long discussions designed to encourage neighbors to share their hopes and ideas with each other.

Project Website:

Type of Partnership: Community-based Learning Academic Course

Partnership Frequency: On-going, multi-term, multi-year partnership

Student Commitment: 40 students, 5 hours per week

Partnership Began: 2/17/2004

Partnership Ended: On-going