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Our Community Partner: Northwest Film Center
Our Community Partner: Northwest Film Center

Site Address: 1219 SW Park Ave.
Portland, OR 97205

Site Contact: Ellen Thomas, Education Director
Phone: 503-276-4263

Faculty Contact: Michael Clark, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Phone: 503-228-3521

Project Description: This partnership combines the practical filmmaking resources of the Northwest Film Center (NWFC) with PSU's academic expertise. Students can now take classes at the NWFC for PSU credit, and vice versa. The central outcome is the wedding of practical skills with theoretical knowledge. Students are able to pursue the BA or BS at PSU and receive a certificate in Film Studies at NWFC, as well as a Minor in Film from PSU. The program emphasizes critical awareness of media and culture.

Type of Partnership: Practica

Partnership Frequency: On-going, multi-term, multi-year partnership

Student Commitment: 20 students, 20 hours per week

Partnership Began: 9/15/2000

Partnership Ended: On-going