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Our Community Partner: Know Ivy League of Forest Park
Our Community Partner: Know Ivy League of Forest Park

Site Address:

2960 NW Upshur Ave.
Portland, OR 97210

Site Contact:

Sandra Dietrich, Director
Phone: 503-823-3681

Faculty Contact:

Julie Smith, Assistant Professor, Center for Science Education
Phone: 503-725-4252

Project Description:

Students survey and obtain data in three locations with different degrees of urbanization in Forest Park. The data will help grade the health of the plots, and includes the ratio of native plants to non-native plants, along with the percentage of ivy. All of the information collected will help in understanding the relationship between ivy and native plants with regard to human impacts/urbanization. Students hope to gain a better knowledge of scientific methods used to obtain data in the field and how to draw conclusions based on the data.

Project Website:

Type of Partnership: Community-based Learning Academic Course

Partnership Frequency: On-going, multi-year, multi-term partnership

Student Commitment: 20 students, 4 hours per week

Partnership Began: 1/1/2001

Partnership Ended: On-going