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Our Community Partner: Franklin High School
Our Community Partner: Franklin High School

Site Address:

5405 SE Woodward
Portland, OR 97206

Site Contact:

Judy Rose, Choral Director
Phone: 503-916-5140

Faculty Contact:

Debra Glaze, Assistant Professor, Department of Music
Phone: 503-725-3155

Project Description:

The partnership seeks to build a connection between Portland Public Schools and PSU. Through choral music, we can share literature, concerts, and expose a large group of high school students to a collegiate music experience while enhancing their music program at Franklin High School, which has suffered many recent cuts.

Type of Partnership: Community-based Learning Academic Course

Partnership Frequency: Practica

Student Commitment: 200 students, 1 hour per week

Partnership Began: 1/29/2004

Partnership Ended: On-going