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Our Community Partner: Ethos, Inc.
Our Community Partner: Ethos, Inc.

Site Address:

2 N. Killingsworth Ave.
Portland, OR 97217

Site Contact:

Michelle Boss-Barba, Director of Programs
Phone: 503-241-8824

Faculty Contact:

Darrell Grant, Associate Professor, Department of Music
Phone: 503-228-2545

Project Description:

Ethos, Inc. was created in 1998 in direct response to massive budget cuts that destroyed most music education programs in Portland's public schools. Working directly with students throughout Oregon, Ethos, Inc. hopes to introduce a whole new generation of youth to the magic of music. PSU Capstone students partnered with Ethos to design and deliver an arts education curriculum that incorporates jazz to enhance student learning outcomes in mathematics and reading.

Project Website:

Type of Partnership: Community-based Learning Academic Course

Partnership Frequency: Multi-term partnership

Student Commitment: 8 students, 5 hours per week

Partnership Began: 1/1/2003

Partnership Ended: 5/30/2003