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Our Community Partner: Axis Performance
Our Community Partner: Axis Performance

Site Address:

2515 NE 17th Ave.
Portland, OR 97216

Site Contact:

Marsha Willard, Principal
Phone: 503-284-9132

Faculty Contact:

David Ervin, Professor, Center for Public Health Studies
Phone: 503-725-3935

Project Description:

AXIS Performance Advisors is a management consulting firm specializing in the implementation of sustainable business practices. They bring organizational development, facilitation and training skills to help organizations -- businesses, governmental agencies and non-profits -- improve their economic. environmental, and social performance. This partnership is a joint collaboration between PSU and Axis Performance offering a six-class professional certificate in implementing sustainability in industry, government and other organizations.

Project Website:

Type of Partnership: Field Learning

Partnership Frequency: On-going, multi-term, multi-year partnership

Student Commitment: 1 student, 5 hours per week

Partnership Began: 4/1/2003

Partnership Ended: On-going