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Meet Registered Dietitian Annika Backstrom
Meet Registered Dietitian Annika Backstrom

Annika is a lover of all things food. From exploring new places to eat in Portland (and other cities) to trying new recipes at home, she is always in search of something tasty and delicious! Her appreciation of food is multifaceted; she sees food as a way to bring people together, fuel for bodies to function physically, and food as a source of pleasure and enjoyment.

Annika is a Registered Dietitian with a strong and varied background. Her passion is to help people find ways to eat nutritionally and have delight with food. Her philosophy mirrors many of the principles of "Intuitive Eating" and "Health at Every Size." In today’s culture, she sees that it is easy for people to get bombarded with the should and should not messages of eating, and quickly lose trust in themselves to make appropriate choices. She uses her education, experience and philosophies to help people find a new way of eating, for their health and enjoyment.

Along with eating, Annika enjoys reading, running, watching TV series, yoga, napping and spending time with friends and family. She pulls inspiration for her work from Ellyn Satter, Brene Brown, Geneen Roth, and many more. Annika studied Nutrition, and performed her Dietetic internship through the University of Idaho. She has experience working with a wide variety of patients in the hospital and out-patient setting, and currently enjoys being a part of PSU's Center for Student Health & Counseling.