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Meet Jason Franklin
Meet Jason Franklin

Jason Franklin is the Director of Campus Planning and Design and manages the Campus Planning Office and Utilities Management. The Campus Planning Office develops long-range plans, such as the University District Framework Plan and PSU’s ten year capital plan to assess and accommodate the changing needs of the University. In addition, the office conducts feasibility studies and preliminary site plans for potential campus development projects and is responsible for space planning and utilities management.

Prior to joining PSU, Jason worked as a planning consultant in Portland where he was involved with a wide variety of projects both locally and throughout the Pacific Northwest. He has managed campus master plans, comprehensive plan updates, transportation system plans, parking plans and natural resources plans. He teaches a class on the integration of ecosystem services and urban planning and is active in the Oregon chapter of the American Planning Association. Jason enjoys riding his bike to work and with his family on the weekends.

Jason received his master’s degree in urban and regional planning from PSU and his undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Minnesota.

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