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Meet Ellen Weeks
Meet Ellen Weeks

Ellen is the Associate CIO – Enterprise Solutions, a department that includes:

Information Solutions
Business Intelligence
Enterprise Applications
Web and Mobile

Project Management

The Information Solutions team is responsible for the management and support of PSU’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications, mostly managed with Banner, while the Business Intelligence team is responsible for the management and support of the data warehouse and data analysis. The Enterprise Applications team is responsible for the management of non-ERP solutions, such as enterprise content management, or constituent relations management. The Web and Mobile team provides custom-built, web-based solutions as well as supports PSU's mobile app. Finally, the Project Management team provides formal project management as well as tools and best practices for OIT.

A native to Portland, Ellen has been a part of PSU since 1982 when she was admitted as a freshman studying music. She earned her BA in English and MS in Education at PSU.  

Ellen's career at PSU began in 1987, and has spanned several departments: School of Extended Studies, Business Affairs Office, Budget Office, and the Office of Information Technology. 


Contact Ellen Weeks

Phone: (503) 725-2345
Office: UTS 430