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Meet Brenna Kutch
Meet Brenna Kutch

Brenna Kutch is OIT's Administrative Services Manager and focuses on making OIT an awesome place to work. Through onboarding, inclusion and diversity, performance management, training and development, culture, events, physical space, and whatever else is needed, Brenna ensures OIT's 200+ employees (115 full-time staff and 120 students) and their managers have everything they need to feel cared for, engaged, and to perform their jobs. She has been with OIT since 2005 and loves how much she's been able to learn about higher education, technology, and people in her many years here.

Brenna started her Bachelor of Science at PSU in 2002, and has loved watching Portland State's campus grow and morph over the last 15 years. Her potential majors have fluctuated between pre-medicine, public health, anthropology, and neuropsychology; fascinated by the science of people and a dedication to public service, she continued on with her near-complete Master of Public Administration at PSU with a focus on Human Resource Management, inclusion and diversity, and the employee experience.

Contact Brenna Kutch

Phone: (503) 725-8522
Office: UTS 619