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Meet Brenna Kutch
Meet Brenna Kutch


In a Venn Diagram of the Office of Information Technology and Human Resources, Brenna Kutch is the overlapping area otherwise known as the OIT Human Resource Specialist. She spends most of her time managing recruitment, new employee on-boarding, access, professional development, and whatever else is needed to make sure OIT's 250 employees (100 full-time staff and 150 students), have everything they need in order to perform their jobs. Having worked in OIT for over 7 years, Brenna is often a point of contact for just about anything, and enjoys the variety and challenge that comes with this.

Brenna started her Bachelor of Science at PSU in 2002, and has loved watching Portland State's campus grow and morph over the last 10 years. Her potential majors have fluctuated between pre-medicine, public health, anthropology, and neuropsychology; fascinated by the science of people, pursuing HR was an obvious career path, and she hopes to remain in the education sector working closely with technology.

She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, plans on starting PSU's Master of Public Administration program soon, and looks forward to continue growing with OIT for years to come.


Contact Brenna Kutch

Phone: (503) 725-8522
Office: UTS 619