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Leah Mangis
Leah Mangis

Leah Mangis, a first-year M.S.W. Distance Option graduate student, won the annual Marion County Employee’s Program Award for developing and implementing a Child and Adolescent Mentoring Program. The program serves children and youth involved in the behavioral health programs of Oregon’s Marion County.

“It's such an honor to receive the Program of the Year award from Marion County. I created the program in 2008 to help one adolescent have at least one positive and healthy relationship in his or her life,” Mangis said. “In the last three years, the program has had over 50 successfully matched relationships. I feel honored that Marion County sees the New Solutions Child and Adolescent Mentoring program as a high quality mentoring program, one that uses Best Practices in program effectiveness, program evaluations and matching forms for the mentor to mentee relationship.

“As a Portland State University, School of Social Work Distance Option student” Mangis added, “I am utilizing grant writing experience from Junghee Lee's Research Methods class and hope to obtain a grant in the next year or so to continue developing an award winning mentoring program. My hope is that every child has a mentor that encourages, supports and praises him or her.”

-Erika Gitchell, Program Assistant for MSW DO