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Introducing the H2GO!
Introducing the H2GO!

Outdoor events on campus can now take advantage of the H2GO station as a way of reducing plastic bottle waste. Custom built in PSU’s Plumbing shop, H2GO features 6 spigots where users can access free tap water, 2 of which are lower for ADA accessibility. The H2GO can be wheeled to various outdoor locations and connected to hose bibs around campus. The H2GO station is available for any PSU department or group to borrow at no cost, please contact the Campus Sustainability Office at

Although they are recyclable, plastic water bottles require large quantities of resources to create, and often end up in the trash or ocean as waste. Refilling a reusable container is a better long term solution for our environment, and it saves the user money!

In 2012 President Wim Wiewel signed off on the Sustainable Drinking Water Task Force Report, which included several recommendations to limit the use of disposable plastic water bottles on campus and promote tap water. The H2GO station is just one way that PSU is working to follow the recommendations of this task force.

Contact with questions, or to borrow the H2GO.