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Brownie Tuiasosopo
Brownie Tuiasosopo

Talofa everyone,

My name is Brownie Tuiasosopo and I am a transfer student from the territory of American Samoa. I am currently a senior here at Portland State University (PSU) majoring in Micro/Molecular Biology and General Science; I plan to pursue a career in medicine. My life as a student is filled with great and exciting challenges. I serve as one of LSAMP’s Tutoring Program Coordinators for science courses, and as a member of the LSAMP Student Advisory Board. I also participate in a research project at PSU studying samples of microbial metagenome; the research is led by Dr. Kenneth Stedmen.

My life outside of school is composed of working as a Hemodialysis Technician at the Portland VA Hospital, volunteering at OHSU in the Remedy Program, and serving as a member on the Board of Directors for SPDC (Samoa Pacific Development Corporation), a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing services for Samoans and Pacific Islanders in Oregon and Washington. My hope and dream is to one day return to my homeland and serve my people, and be an inspiration to the younger generation.

Favorite Samoan proverb- “The path of becoming a great leader begins with taking the first step of being a servant”- O le ala I le pule o tautua.