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Ask Professor Ramin Farahmandpur
Ask Professor Ramin Farahmandpur

Ramin Farahmandpur, PhD, completed his doctorate degree in 2002 in Curriculum Theory and Teaching Studies from the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. His research and scholarship focuses on the social, economic, political, cultural and ideological forces that shape and influence public education. He has written and published extensively on a wide range of topics, including multicultural education, neoliberalism, imperialism, globalization and critical pedagogy. His recent book (coauthored with Peter McLaren) is entitled: Teaching against global capitalism and the new imperialism: A critical pedagogy (2005). The book has been translated and published in Spanish and Portuguese. Dr. Farahmandpur's work has also been translated and published in Arabic, Slovenian, Turkish, Chinese, and Russian language journals.

Ramin Farahmandpur, PhD
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