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Ahmed Bohliqa
Ahmed Bohliqa


What is your favorite thing about the University?

Both the diversity of the place and the numerous opportunities available for students. 

What’s your best memory from your time at PSU?

I’d say by far is being the commencement student speaker. Not only while speaking at the event, but the excitement of applying, auditioning, and waiting to hear back. 

What is the most important thing you learned at PSU?

Dreams can come true, but we have to work for it. 

How are you involved in campus life outside your classes?

I was a co-coordinator for the Organization of International Students, member of the Student Leader Sustainability Count, member of the President’s Interfaith Community Service Challenge, and some other volunteering positions. 

Can you briefly describe your experience with diversity on campus?

As an international student, my first experience with diversity was trying to communicate with other international students from different backgrounds and overcoming the language barrier on both sides of the conversation. I think that greatly affected my experience and openness to other cultures and thoughts. 

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