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Advocating for equality, speaking out on violence
Advocating for equality, speaking out on violence

German-born Gabriele Ross (L in photo) first came to the U.S. as a volunteer for Action Reconciliation/Services for Peace, a German organization founded by survivors of the Nazi regime. After working as a community organizer in Cleveland, OH, Ross says an interest in further exploring the impact of “violence and isms” drew her to the CR program at PSU.

Since completing her Master’s thesis in 2008, Ross has found work in the community that directly connects with her academic pursuits, which focused on the emnification of Muslims, and, more broadly, the idea of demonizing “the other.” Ross serves as Coordinator for the Education of Homeless Children for the Evergreen Public School District in East Vancouver, WA, where she works to help homeless students obtain equal access to public education. Ross also volunteers as a board member for the American Iranian Friendship Council and contributes to the Portland-based KBOO Community Radio women's collective via the weekly public affairs program Bread and Roses.