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Vietnamese Fellows

Vietnamese Fellows' Biographies Fall 2013

1.  Brian Hoa Nguyen 

Mr. Nguyen is the Marketing Director at Cai Lan International Container Terminal (CICT) and SP-SSA International Container Terminal (SSIT). He brings 10 years of experience as professional manager in logistics/supply chain management and international container maritime transport industry.

He earned an M.S., Transport and Maritime Management from University of Antwerp - Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp (ITMMA) – Antwerp, Belgium; a Post Graduate Diploma in International Transport and Logistics from Norwegian Shipping Academy - Norway & Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport – Egypt; a BS in Maritime Economics from Vietnam Maritime University and a BA in Foreign Studies from Vietnam National University.

Topics of Interest: PPP in infrastructure development; Cabotage connections.

2.  Dinh Tri Dung



Mr. Dung is the Founder, a Board Member and COO of Aprotrain (Applied Professional Training Corporation). He oversees several areas of operation including HR, Financial Management, Sales and Marketing.

He earned his BA from Dresden University of Technology in Germany and specialized in Corporate Financial Management, Banking and International Economic Relations.

Topics of Interest: Good governance; corporate social responsibility; integration of Vietnam in international markets.

3.  Le Ngoc Thao


Mr. Thao is the Deputy Manager of the Professional Division at Cham Islands Marine Protected Area. He works on costal area management (managing fresh and sea water for biodiversity conservation) as well as on aquaculture and fishery hatching production.

He holds a MS in Aquaculture from Nha Trang University and BS in Fishery engineering from Ho Chi Minh University of Agriculture and Forestry

Topics of Interest: ecosystem based management; community awareness in environmental protection; conflict management.

4. Nguyen Thi Huong


Ms. Huong is a National Program Officer (Food security and rural development) with FAO Hanoi Office. She has over 13 years of experience in socio-cultural issues, rural areas development, natural and cultural heritage management, and sustainable natural and tourism development.

She earned a MS in Environment and Agriculture from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and a Bachelor in Foreign Economics from Hanoi Trade University.

Topics of Interest: economic empowerment for rural development; food safety; PPP for agriculture products.

5.  Nguyen Thi Mo



Ms. Mo is a senior International Cooperation Officer at FPT University where she leads the internationalization activities including student and staff exchanges, joint degree programs, joint research activities, etc.

She earned her BA in English for Technology and Science from Hanoi University of Technology and also completed AOTS certification on Japanese Corporate Management in Vietnam.

Topics of interest: Corporate social responsibility; university-business community partnerships; Vietnam integration in global markets.

6.  Phan Thi Hoang Hoa


Ms.Hoa is the general director of the Apollo Education and Training Organization where she is responsible for the overall leadership and daily operations of the organization.

She holds a Master’s degree in Business Management from Solvay Business School in cooperation with National Economic University and a BA in Foreign Trade and English from Foreign Trade University.

Topics of Interest: economic empowerment for education; global integration in education; transparency in business practices.

7.  Tan Anh


Ms. Anh is a lecturer and Vice Dean of Public Policy Department in the Academy of Policy and Development at the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

She earned a Master in International Development Policy from the Korea Seoul National University and a BA in English from Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Topics of Interest: Public-private partnerships, women empowerment, rural economic empowerment.

8.  Tuan Anh Phan

Mr. Phan is a Project Manager for Vietnam Green Building Council. He brings over 6 years of experience in architecture design for concept, preliminary design, technical design and execution design for many projects in Vietnam.

He holds a BS in Architecture from the National University of Civil Engineering and is a LOTUS accredited professional.

Topics of Interest: Green buildings, green growth strategy for Vietnam.