Executive Leadership Program

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About Executive Leadership

Senior leaders are uniquely positioned to transform their organizations and the communities they touch. To be able to accomplish this, these leaders must learn to see themselves in new ways — now, and over the course of their careers. 

This is not your typical leadership development program. We believe that leaders already possess many of the technical and interpersonal skills that have helped them to achieve their current role. Instead, this program will focus on cultivating an expansive, agile leadership mindset that has the capacity to embrace innovation and lead change. This is 21st century leadership.

This cohort experience will provide a collaborative environment where leaders can tap into the collective brilliance of their peers and be guided by leadership experts and personal executive coaches to work on real challenges they face. The result is an invigorated, purposeful and supportive network of leaders who are motivated to move forward — as individuals and together — to inspire a ripple effect of unprecedented positive change throughout their organizations and communities.  

Certificate Snapshot

Course delivered in a virtual format with live instructor & student interaction

5 days + 3 individual coaching sessions


Cohort experience


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Courses may qualify for a discount. Please visit our CEPE Discount page for more information. 

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With incredible instructors and guidance, I have brought a ton of knowledge and skills back to my employer which has strengthened our workforce.

- Kelly Powell

Sessions Overview

Built on a foundation of current leadership research, the program is designed to maximize linkages across three themes:

  • Leading people: Understand human behavior — self as well as others; develop models and mindsets for innovation
  • Leading organizations: Build and shape a culture where excellence thrives and scales
  • Leading change: Discover that change leadership is about leaders transforming themselves in order to successfully lead transformation in their organizations

What You’ll Learn

By the end of the program, leaders will have gained the knowledge to:

  • Realize their impact and drive behavioral change through the results of 1:1 coaching and leadership assessment data.
  • Lead by design with authenticity, power, and a deeper understanding of human behavior and their own leadership strengths.
  • Develop a powerful leadership purpose aligned with organizational goals.
  • Approach the unique challenges faced "at the top" in alternative ways.
  • Create and scale an organizational culture in which innovation and excellence thrive.
  • Return to work rejuvenated with strategic action plans and the leadership skills to effectively implement them.
  • Tap into an expanded, deeply connected network of fellow leaders.

Program Cost: $5,000

We believe that organizational diversity brings richness into the classroom. A reduced rate (15%) of $4,250 is available for leaders in 501(c)(3) organizations. Please contact us for information.

Who Should Attend

The program size is limited and best suited for:

  • Mid to senior-level professionals in any industry
  • Those who can commit to full attendance on the program dates

Program Leadership

The participants in this program will be guided by a variety of leadership experts from diverse backgrounds, including personal executive coaches, guest speakers, and panelists.  Some of the most valuable learning will come from participants themselves, as well as their peers in the program. Learn more about the program leaders and executive coaches below.