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Vision and Initiatives

I see my role as the president of PSU as providing leadership, pursuing partnerships, preparing students, and promoting engagement with governments, businesses, and community organizations. I have outlined five themes as my priorities that will shape our work at PSU. 

The five themes are listed below along with examples of key initiatives that address each one.  To learn more about how these themes help organize PSU's planning efforts, please review the full Strategic Plan.

Provide Civic Leadership Through Partnerships

Lead as a civic partner, deepen our engagement as a critical community asset, demonstrate leadership in regional innovation, and serve as an anchor institution in the Metro area.

Sample Initiative:

Improve Student Success

Ensure a student experience that results in higher satisfaction, retention, and graduation rates.

Sample Initiative:

Achieve Global Excellence

Distinguish the institution nationally and internationally through the accomplishments of its faculty, reputation of its programs, and preparation of its students for the global economy.

Sample Initiative:

passing the tree of knowledge

Enhance Educational Opportunity

Ease the transition and create more effective pathways for students to move from K-12 to higher education.

Sample Initiative:

Expand Resources and Improve Effectiveness

Expand resources in each of the funding streams (state, private, business partnerships, research, tuition), manage resources effectively, and match investments to strategic priorities.

Sample Initiative:

Strategic Planning: 2016-2020

The University has also developed a five-year strategic plan that supports five key Goals. The document, "Let Knowledge Serve the City: Portland State University Strategic Plan 2016-2020," is available as a downloadable PDF: