PSU's Religious Accommodation Policy

September 17,2020

Dear Faculty and Staff,

We write to remind you of PSU’s Religious Accommodation Policy. Yom Kippur, a Jewish High Holiday, falls on Monday, September 28, the first day of classes for fall term. Students and employees observing the holiday would not attend classes or work during that time. We ask that faculty who teach a course that meets on that Monday please take the following steps:

  • Upload your syllabus on D2L in advance of the start of the class.
  • Email the students in your course to let them know that they will be excused from the first days of class if they are absent for a religious observance.
  • Do not drop students for not attending the first days of class.
  • If your course is remote or being recorded, record your course and provide the students with the recording.
  • Work with students who miss the first days of class due to this holiday to provide them with the necessary information that they missed.
  • Keep your contact information updated in the PSU Directory via the Odin Account Manager (OAM) system under "Update Directory Info."

During the academic year, we ask you to please work with students to plan any appropriate religious accommodations when they are requested. If a student needs assistance in identifying a reasonable religious accommodation, please contact the Office of the Dean of Student Life at

Additionally, if you will be out for religious reasons, please inform your Chair and email students to inform them about possible impacts on their classes. If you or an employee you supervise requests a religious accommodation, please work together to plan appropriate accommodations. If you or an employee you supervise needs assistance in identifying a reasonable accommodation, please contact the Leaves/Accommodations Team in HR at

For more information about Instructor’s Policy and Mandated Obligations Pertaining to Students, please review the online information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Julie Caron, Associate Vice President, Global Diversity and Inclusion.

And to all of you observing the Jewish New Year, we wish you Shona Tova. 


Susan Jeffords, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Julie Caron
Associate Vice President, Global Diversity and Inclusion