Portland State celebrates urban living with project to house nearly 1,000 students
Author: Scott Gallagher
Posted: March 31, 2011
(Portland, Ore.) March 28, 2011 - About 70 people attended a kick-off ceremony for Portland State 
University's (PSU) newest residence hall, College Station, due to open in Fall 2012.
The project is a collaboration between PSU and American Campus Communities (ACC), a Texas real estate 
firm. At a time when Oregon, and the region are reeling from a recession and state services are facing budget
cuts, PSU and ACC found each other and decided to build a new residence hall on campus.
"This is yet another project that shows creative thinking in tough times to make it work," said PSU President 
Wim Wiewel. The creative thinking refers to ACC investing $90 million to build College Campus and PSU
signing a 65-year lease.
Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish echoed Wiewel by stating that the project was a "huge shot in the arm 
for our city that we can do great things in tough times." Along with the injection of millions of dollars into the
local economy, the project employs 100+ construction jobs and another 20 jobs when complete. Fish also
pointed out the "triple dividend" benefit of a project that not only provides jobs, but also housing all while
doing it sustainably. The mixed-use building will have a 24,156 SF eco-roof and apply for LEED Gold
certification. It will also house classrooms, a lecture hall, and retail space.
Portland State commemorates the construction of College Station residential 
complex, which will house nearly 1,000 students upon completion in Fall 2012. From left, American Campus
Communities President Bill Bayless, Portland Commissioner Nick Fish and PSU President Wim Wiewel sign
the wall of the foundation of the new complex.

"Never before have we seen a level of collaboration between a city, university, and other agencies to work so
positively to make this happen," said Bill Bayless, CEO of ACC. He went on to give credit to PSU VP of
Finance  and Administration Lindsay Desrochers stating that she "refused to have this transaction not occur.
She willed it to happen."
PSU currently has resident housing available for 7.5 percent of its 29,000 students. Wiewel wants to increase 
that to 25 percent in five years. "The demand is there and we know that the more people living on campus
makes for a more viable, and interesting campus community," said Wiewel. "I'm not happy unless there is a
crane on campus, and I'm so happy there's a crane on campus."
About Portland State University (PSU) 
Located in Portland, Oregon, PSU has about 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students. PSU's motto is
"Let Knowledge Serve the City," and we provide every student with opportunities to work with businesses,
schools and organizations on real-world projects. Our downtown campus exhibits PSU's commitment to
sustainability with green buildings, while sustainability is incorporated into much of the curriculum.