Implementation - Goal 1

Goal 1: Elevate Student Success


Equity Lens Considerations for Goal 1

  • Recognize that disparities in the retention and graduation rates of underrepresented students necessitate an investment in culturally responsive advising.
  • Support faculty to understand equity issues to foster better relationships with historically marginalized and underrepresented students.
  • Develop academic experiences, including community-based learning that use universal design, accessibility and appropriate accommodations to ensure an equitable and inclusive learning experience for all students.

The Origins of Goal 1: The final version of Goal 1represents the combined work of the topic teams Student Learning and Academic Success and Global Excellence. Below you will find links to all of the research, background and contextual resources that were created or used during the evolution of this goal, beginning with the work of the Topic Teams and culminating in the version of the Goal that appeared in the final plan adopted by the Board of Trustees.

Student Learning and Academic Success

Global Excellence