Equity Lens Panels

What is the Equity Lens Panel?

Based on a suggestion by Dr. Charlotte Goodluck, the Strategic Planning Project Support Team has created an Equity Lens panel that will review and make recommendations on the strategic planning process and drafts of the plan.

In order to design and implement this lens using best practices and the most current thinking on the subject, we have enlisted the help of a small group of experts from within the PSU community and the Metro region.

What does the Equity Lens Panel do? 

The Strategic Plan will emerge from the work of the Topic Teams. There are eight of these, and each one will be developing strategic planning initiatives in their areas. Equity Lens questions will need to be considered during the formulation of the Topic Team initiatives, and it will be the work of the Equity Lens panel to see that each question is answered fully. The lens panel will review these answers and suggest revisions or actions for improvement if necessary.

The Equity Lens panel will consider these answers from two perspectives: through the lens of race and ethnicity and through the lens of marginalized communities including (but not limited to) persons with disabilities, women, transgender and gender non-conforming persons, and those in the LGBTQ community.

Read the Strategic Planning Equity Lens document

Who serves on this Panel?

  • Ann Curry-Stevens - Associate Professor, Social Work - Chair
  • Chas Lopez - Interim Chief Diversity Officer, Global Diversity & Inclusion
  • Veronica Dujon - Associate Dean, Curriculum Development &Enrollment Management, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Yves Labissiere - Interim Director, University Studies, Community Health - Urban & Public Affairs
  • Ann Marie Fallon - Director, Professor, University Honors
  • Marie Lo - Associate Professor, English - Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Marisa Zapata - Assistant Professor, Urban Studies and Planning
  • Gita Mehrotra - Assistant Professor, Social Work
  • Ben Anderson-Nathe, Associate Professor at the School of Social Work - Chair
  • Lisa Hawash - MSW Online Option Coordinator & Instructor
  • Craig Leets - Coordinator, Queer Student Services, Queer Resource Center - Student Affairs
  • Ashley Horne - City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement
  • Jen Dugger - Director, Disability Resource Center - Student Affairs
  • Jessica Amo - Director, Women's Resource Center - Student Affairs
  • Marjorie McGee - Research Associate, Education, Graduate School of
  • Ray Facundo - Coordinator of Student Veterans Services
  • Christina Tubb - Equity and Compliance Investigator, Global Diversity & Inclusion

Read the Strategic Planning Equity Lens document