PSU Resilience Fund offers timely support

Wed, Apr 15, 2020

Dear PSU Faculty and Staff,

These first weeks of term, we have all heard from students about the many ways they are coping with the challenges of this moment. As an academic community, we are grappling too. I am proud of our efforts to rise to this occasion together. Thank you for the extra care you are taking right now to serve students and to let knowledge serve our city.  

Today I want to let you know about a new way we can come together. 

Our partners at the PSU Foundation have created a new philanthropic fund to help Portland State address the multi-faceted stresses created by COVID-19: the PSU Resilience Fund. The flexible resources provided by the fund will help us take important actions right now. Provost Susan Jeffords and I have been charged with making decisions about how to direct these resources, prioritizing students’ academic needs.  

The resilience fund has already attracted $150,000 in contributions from members of the PSU Board of Trustees, PSU Foundation Board of Trustees, PSU Alumni Association Board, and by senior leaders of both PSU and the PSU Foundation. I am grateful to all for this timely support.  

We have launched the resilience fund to complement existing student emergency funds that provide direct hardship grants to students. Resilience resources will enable us to address other emerging needs across campus. These are extraordinary times, and each new day brings with it unique challenges. This fund will help turn those challenges into opportunities.  

We plan to use the first resilience funds to help bolster academic continuity. Before the beginning of term, the university purchased 200 computers for use by students and staff to ease the transition to virtual instruction. That supply is nearly exhausted. An additional round of purchases will be made this week using resilience resources. 

PSU is a strong, vibrant and compassionate community. In case you are interested in making a contribution of your own, here is a direct link. I recently heard from a colleague who is planning to make a gift in the amount of her on-campus parking refund, which is a very nice idea.  

Again, my profound thanks for all that you are doing at this time to serve students and support each other. 

With gratitude,

Stephen Percy

Interim President