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Special Populations

The Population Research Center provides analyses and projections for special populations on an at-cost basis. The purpose of such projections is to assist agencies and organizations in their long-term planning and services. The work can be conducted either directly with agencies and organizations, or in partnerships with consulting firms retained by the organizations.

If you have a request for a special population analysis to be conducted on an at-cost basis, please contact us.

The Population Research Center is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and is located in Room 780 of the Urban Center, 506 SW Mill St. The mailing address is 
Population Research Center
Portland State University 
PO Box 751
Portland, Oregon 97207-0751

phone: 503-725-3922,
fax: 503-725-5199 

Past projects have included:

  • Golf Club Membership Studies:
    We have prepared long-term membership analysis in recent years for the Portland Golf Club and have provided independent evaluation of membership analysis for the Myrtle Creek, Oregon Golf Club.This work has involved two approaches: (a) to evaluate the demographic composition and likely forecast for the local population and the prospects for long-term growth of golfing activities and (b) to analyze the age composition of golf club members, the annual entry of new members and the departures of existing members and to forecast the likely trends for the next several years.
  • American Indian Studies:
    We have provided analysis of long-term program needs, for the Coquille Indian Tribe, built on a current population profile and demographic outlook. We worked closely with the Warm Springs Indian Reservation on improving their demographic data and ability to analyze data for program needs. We prepared a detailed analysis of the American Indian population living in Multnomah County. We analyzed demographic information for recent decades for the Sederloke Corporation in order to provide current trends of original shareholders and their decendents, as well as a population projection for future population changes. View reports: Coquille Indian Tribe Population Report and American Indian Population of Multnomah County.
  • Other Studies: 
    We have prepared long-term membership analysis for other special populations, including membership in athletic clubs.