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Requesting Studies

The Population Research Center's collection of demographic and economic data for Oregon enables us to provide tailored population data and analysis for decision-makers in both the public and private sectors. Examples of custom projects include market housing analysis, city population projections for wastewater planning, school enrollment forecasts, and projections for special populations (e.g., forecasts of immigrant populations with limited English). If you have a request for a study to be conducted on an at-cost basis, please contact us. The cost of the population estimation studies largely depends on the availability of relevant data in a digital form, such as the district's boundary, the methodology chosen for the study, and the complexity of the product (a single estimate of the current population, a series of estimates including 1990 and 2000 population of the area, annual growth rate, and so on). The typical cost ranges between $500 and $10,000.

For more information or to request a study, please contact us.

The Population Research Center is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and is located in Room 780 of the Urban Center, 506 SW Mill St. The mailing address is 
Population Research Center
Portland State University 
PO Box 751
Portland, Oregon 97207-0751

phone: 503-725-3922,
fax: 503-725-5199