Forecast Program Rulemaking

 Notice of amendment to PSU Standards governing the forecast program (.pdf files):

The amendment relates to the issuance date for the proposed forecasts. Please note that the issuance dates and schedule for the forecast process will remain the same as in 2015. The amendment only makes a temporary rule permanent.

As required by ORS 195, these rules establish the schedule for issuance of city-county coordinated population forecasts, and a description of the forecast products, such as the time intervals and age cohorts for which the forecasts will be prepared.. The rules further detail the process by which an affected local government or public member may file an objection to a proposed forecast. 

• Current rules governing the forecast program (as of February 25, 2016):

• Public comment:

PRC accepted public comment via email until February 15, 2016.

• How the rules pertaining to the Oregon Population Forecast Program were developed:

In order to draft the rules for the Oregon Population Forecast Program that are required as part of the HB2253 legislation, a Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) was formed, which included members chosen because of their interests, land use expertise, and their previous involvement in Oregon’s population forecasting initiatives through the Population Forecast Work Group formed by the DLCD in 2011.

RAC meeting notes and other materials can be found below.

Materials from December 2013 meeting:

List of RAC Members
RAC Operating Principles
Presentation: Project Overview (.pdf or .ppt)

Materials from January 2014 meeting:
Oregon Administrative Rules Draft (implementing HB2253)
Cycle Options for County Forecast Groups
Draft Forecast Schedule
Meeting notes

Materials from February 2014 Meeting:
Final map of county forecast groups, showing Urban Growth Boundaries
Meeting notes

Materials from April 2014 meeting:
Meeting notes
OAR Draft Template