How can I participate in the forecast program?

The Population Research Center is dedicated to public involvement in the forecasting process. To this end, we have created lists of contacts in local city and county governments and special districts and a sign-up process to add or correct information for those officials and for the general public who would like to receive notices of meetings, etc..

Quick link to sign up for the mailing list: click here.

• For Local Governments and Special Districts:

Local governments and special districts will be notified by the Population Research Center of preliminary, proposed, and final forecasts. 

If you need to add, update or complete contact information please sign up here

To see a sample of the type of questionnaire local governments will receive from the PRC during forecast process, click here.

• For Members of the Public:

 Click here to sign up for the Oregon Population Forecast Program email list to receive notices when all preliminary, proposed and final population forecasts are posted. Signing up for this list serves as a written and/or electronic request that a member of the public wishes to receive notice of preliminary, proposed and final population forecasts as provided in OAR 577-050-005. If you would prefer to receive your notices via postal mail, write to us at :

Population Research Center
Portland State University
PO Box 751
Portland, OR  97207-0751