PRC Activities

The Population Research Center functions primarily as a statewide public service and research group operating under administrative mandates from the State of Oregon. Center staff have academic appointments in the College of Urban and Public Affairs, and contribute their time to research, teaching and related activities. Most of their activities, however, are directed toward the production, analysis, and dissemination of population information.

The specific activities of the Population Research Center are:

  • To prepare population estimates for the state of Oregon and its cities and counties, including work in cooperation with the U.S. Census Bureau as Oregon's designated agency in the Federal-State Cooperative Program for Local Population Estimates.
  • To serve as a source of demographic expertise for the state and provide demographic services on contract.

Center staff are active in a variety of research activities. Typical research includes enrollment forecasts for school districts, population-based market analysis, survey research on population issues, social and economic factors affecting population change, population distribution and migration, population geography, and demographic methods. Center staff regularly assist city, county, and state governments on examination of population issues.

The Center has excellent capabilities in the retrieval and dissemination of demographic and related information and has advanced GIS capabilities. Staff maintain an active research program in the analysis of population trends and the development and testing of methods of estimation and projection, and are recognized for their contributions to the field of applied demography. The Center provides demographic analysis, forecasting, and related services under contract. Clients include school districts, architectural and planning companies, affordable housing groups, tribal organizations, financial institutions, market research companies, and a range of nonprofit and community agencies.