Thematic maps designed by PRC staff have appeared in The Oregonian, Willamette Week, and Metroscape, a bi-annual publication of the Institute for Portland Metropolitan Studies, and other mass media venues. Frequently, the maps that we create are part of a larger project, although we also design and produce "stand-alone" maps depicting demographic and socioeconomic patterns, and atlases (e.g., Beaverton Demographic Profiles, 1995).

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  • Average Household Size by Portland Metro Area PUMAs, 2009, view map
  • Percent Non-English Speaking Households by Portland Metro Area Census Tracts, 2009 view map
  • Population Change by Percentage 2000 -- 2010 view map
  • Access to Teacher Training and Experience view map
  • Crook County SD: Change Housing Units 1990-2000 view map
  • Home Energy Savings Program: Corvallis and Albany view map 
  • Home Energy Savings Program: Portland-Metro Area view map
  • Housing Access: Portland-Metro Area view map
  • Medford SD Enrollment 2000-2004 view map

Requesting maps:

The cost of a map includes the cost of the data compilation, map design, and map reproduction. The maps vary in size from 8.5" by 11" and smaller to three by four feet.  We can also provide maps electronically.  For more information or to request a map, please contact us.

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