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Kevin Rancik

Profile: Meet Kevin Rancik

Research and GIS Analyst

Kevin Rancik expands the diverse background of PRC's faculty.  He grew up in Southern California and moved to Oregon after high school to attend Willamette University in Salem.  After earning a Bachelor's degree with a major in music and a minor in geography, he worked as a manager in the retail sector.

He has since earned a Master's of Science degree in Geography as well as a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), both from Portland State University.  During his time as a graduate assistant Rancik worked with the Oregon Geographic Alliance, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance of geographic education and to improving geographic educational material.  He also worked as a teaching assistant, aiding in the development of course material for the Geography of the United States and Canada (GEOG 368) and teaching the lab section of Spatial Quantitative Analysis (GEOG 4/597).

Rancik's research focuses on issues of urban growth and development.  His Master's thesis, Identifying Regional Centers in Washington County, Oregon, uses GIS to analyze variables such as land value and public transportation density in Washington County to help determine whether Metro's growth plans for the area match the growth actually occurring there.  He has actively worked on redistricting proposals for local community college and utility districts and has used Visual Basic to program a redistricting add-on to ESRI's ArcGIS10 software.  His other research interests include American politics and voting patterns, renewable energy, and environmental degradation.


  • Thesis: Identifying Regional Centers in Washington County, Oregon
  • Development of political redistricting add-on for ArcGIS 10 using Visual Basic
  • Using Network Analyst to Delineate Regional Centers at Oregon City and Beaverton
  • Five Oaks Dining: Eateries in a Beaverton Neighborhood
  • Public Space in Downtown Hillsboro
  • Ian McHarg's Design with Nature and its Influence on Planning in Baltimore, Maryland and Portland, Oregon
  • Population Growth and MAX Light-Rail in Portland, Oregon
  • Case Study of San Marcos Creek, California

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