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Jason Jurjevich

Profile: Meet Jason Jurjevich


Ph.D. (2010) Geography, University of Arizona
M.A. (2005) Geography, University of North Carolina—Charlotte
B.B.A. (2000) Accounting, University of Wisconsin—Whitewater

Biographical Note:

Jason Jurjevich is the Assistant Director of the Population Research Center (PRC), a research institute in the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University(PSU). As PRC Assistant Director, Jurjevich is committed to ensuring that the Center serves the people of Oregon by providing accurate analyses of population trends across the state. Jurjevich also teaches courses at PSU in population geography and applied demographic methods.

A broadly trained human geographer, Jurjevich’s research interests focus on the spatial implications of demographic change. His past research has addressed age-articulated patterns of migration across space and compositional impacts of migration across political landscapes. Working at the Immigration Policy Program of the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy at the University of Arizona, Jurjevich examined the fundamentals of an enforceable U.S. immigration policy through the spatial patterns of employment status, industry, and earnings for foreign and native-born populations.  Additionally, his research also focuses on issues of political geography, notably the underlying context of political strategies surrounding Propositions 107 and 102 (same-sex marriage and domestic partner statutes) in Arizona.

Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information:
Office: 780G Urban Center [URBN]
Phone: (503) 725-8590
FAX: (503) 725-5199