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Housing Studies

PRC has been involved with several housing projects during recent years for both urban and rural geographic areas. Besides conducting housing studies that have entailed data compilation, analysis, and preparation of reports describing historical, current and likely future housing characteristics of a target area, PRC has developed methods to prepare thorough community housing profiles and market analyses to determine the need for affordable housing. In addition, PRC staff have provided consultation on data needs for effectively describing the factors relating to housing issues. Some of PRC's housing clients include the Oregon Housing and Community Services Department, private housing developers, and various local private and governmental entities that have an interest in housing and housing-related information.

Community Housing Profiles

PRC has created a series of Oregon Community Housing Profiles of ten smaller communities throughout Oregon at the request of the Oregon Housing and Community Services Department. The Profiles consist of demographic and socio-economic information and were made available to serve as a database and an analytical tool for local communities and developers across the state to determine where there is a need for affordable housing. The Profiles were designed so that they can be easily updated.

Market Analysis Studies for Housing Developers

PRC produces objective and comprehensive reports that housing developers may use to fulfill the requirement of demonstrating an area's market demand when applying for government funding for affordable housing development or simply to assess an area market demand for new housing. The methodology used to prepare these studies may be used for small or large, rural or urban geographic areas. Download a sample Market Analysis in Adobe Acrobat.

Housing Portland's Families

PRC staff prepared this background report for a National Housing conference sponsored workshop held in Portland in July 2001. The report is an analysis if critical housing needs for working families in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area.

Bi-State Regional Housing Partnership Project

The affiliates involved in this project are from housing agencies and organizations such as Vancouver Housing authority, Multnomah County Department of Sustainable Community Development, Beaverton Housing Services, and Metro. The purpose of the project is to assess and describe the housing situation in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. PRC is providing consultation on data needs and will prepare comparable 1990 and 2000 census tabulations for Clark, Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties, and for all incorporated places and unincorporated areas within the region. Comparative analysis between for different time periods and between geographic areas will be performed by PRC.