Annual Housing Unit and Population Survey FAQs


PRC Population Estimates Program
Annual Housing Unit and Population Survey (AHUPS)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main purpose of the Annual Housing Unit and Population Survey (AHUPS)?
The Annual Housing Unit and Population Survey (AHUPS) collects housing unit and population data necessary for producing Oregon's annual population estimates for all Oregon cities and counties, as mandated by Oregon law (ORS 190.510 to 190.620).  Participating in the survey provides PRC with essential data for producing the most accurate population estimates. 

What are Transitory Locations and why are these data collected in the 2019 AHUPS?
Transitory locations are locations where people are unlikely to live year round because of the transitory/temporary/impermanent nature of the location, and include: campgrounds, recreational vehicle (RV) parks, marinas, or racetracks. This information will be used to achieve an accurate 2020 Census.

How should I complete the AHUPS? 
The AHUPS is included in an Excel spreadsheet, and can be opened by a number of software programs, such as Excel (part of Microsoft Office), Numbers (on the Mac OS) and Google Sheets. Please enter data in the blue cells under each question and answer all parts of the survey. If there is no change (from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019) enter a “0” in the box or write “Data not available” if you don’t have the information. 

How do I submit the completed form?
Please do not print the spreadsheet. Instead, submit your completed form via e-mail:

Should I provide data for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)?
 Yes, if ADUs have a separate address.

What is the difference between manufactured homes and mobile homes?
Manufactured homes are housing units (single units) that are permanently placed units.  They should be recorded in section “A” of the AHUPS.  Mobile homes are capable of being moved, and should be recorded in section “B” of the AHUPS.

Question 3 in Section A asks, “How many housing units (excluding mobile homes) were in your city on June 30, 2019?” Where can I find this information? 
 Cities might have data on the current stock of the housing units from a recent Housing Needs Analysis (HNA) or similar source. We understand that some cities do not have this information. If you do not have these data, please write “Data not available".

Are college dorms counted in group living quarters?
Yes, however the population is counted as of May 1st rather than June 30th.

How are you defining SFRs (single-family residences) versus MFRs (multi-family residences)?  
A housing unit is classified as one of following types:
(A) 1-unit structure (a single unit, such as a detached house, a row house, or a manufactured home), OR
(B) A unit of a multi-unit structure (a multiple unit such as each of 2 units in a duplex, each of 3 units in a triplex, etc.) 

Please report individual housing units, not structures. For example, a duplex equals 2 MFR housing units, and an apartment complex with 20 apartments equals 20 MFR housing units.