Cycle 2: Region 1 Documents

Methods and Data for Developing Coordinated Population Forecasts (.docx)

Population Forecast Interpolation Template (for forecasting single-year time intervals) (.xlsx)

Coos County

Coos County Introductory Presentation, 10/10/17 (.pdf)
Coos County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 2/28/18 (.pdf)
Coos County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Coos County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Coos County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Crook County

Crook County Introductory Presentation, 10/18/17 (.pdf)
Crook County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/10/18 (.pdf)
Crook County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx) 
Crook County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Crook County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Curry County

Curry County Introductory Presentation, 10/10/17 (.pdf)
Curry County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 2/27/18 (.pdf)
Curry County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Curry County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Curry County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Deschutes County

Deschutes County Introductory Presentation, 10/18/17 (.pdf)
Deschutes County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/6/18 (.pdf)
Deschutes County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Deschutes County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Deschutes County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Douglas County

Douglas County Introductory Presentation, 10/11/17 (.pdf)
Douglas County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 2/28/18 (.pdf)
Douglas County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Douglas County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Douglas County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Harney County

Harney County Introductory Presentation, 10/18/17 (.pdf)
Harney County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/6/18 (.pdf)
Harney County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Harney County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Harney County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Jackson County*

Jackson County Introductory Presentation, 10/11/17 (.pdf)
Jackson County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 2/28/18 (.pdf)
Jackson County Proposed Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Jackson County Final Forecast Tables (.xlxs)
Jackson County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Jackson County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

*Please be aware that the final population forecasts differ from the preliminary forecasts due to a challenge made during the 45-day Review Process.

Jefferson County

Jefferson County Introductory Presentation, 10/18/17 (.pdf)
Jefferson County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/6/18 (.pdf)
Jefferson County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Jefferson County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Jefferson County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Josephine County

Josephine County Introductory Presentation, 10/11/17 (.pdf)
Josephine County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 2/28/18 (.pdf)
Josephine County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Josephine County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Josephine County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Klamath County

Klamath County Introductory Presentation, 10/17/17 (.pdf)
Klamath County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/7/18 (.pdf)
Klamath County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Klamath County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Klamath County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Lake County

Lake County County Introductory Presentation, 10/17/17 (.pdf)
Lake County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/7/18 (.pdf)
Lake County Final Forecast Tables (.pdf)
Lake County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx) 
Lake County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)