Current Documents and Presentations

Presentations and Reports

Current Forecast Summaries for All Areas (.xlsx) 

Oregon Final Forecast Table by Age (.xlsx)

2019 Forecast Final Comparison to Previous Forecast (.xlsx)


Methods and Data for Developing Coordinated Population Forecasts 2019 (.docx)

Population Forecast Interpolation Template (for forecasting single-year time intervals) (.xlsx)  

Eastern Oregon and Lane County (Region 2)

Click Here for Southern and Central Oregon Documents (Region 1)

Baker County

Baker County Introductory Presentation Sept. 2018 (.pdf)
Baker County Preliminary Presentation 3/11/19 (.pdf)
Baker County Final Forecast Tables(.xlsx)
Baker County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)


Gilliam County

Gilliam County Introductory Presentation Sept. 2018
Gilliam County Preliminary Presentation 3/13/19 (.pdf)
Gilliam County Final Forecast Tables(.xlsx) 
Gilliam County Final Forecast Reports(.pdf)


Grant County

Grant County Introductory Presentation Sept. 2018 (.pdf)
Grant County Preliminary Presentation 3/11/19 (.pdf)
Grant County Final Forecast Tables(.xlsx) 
Grant County Final Forecast Report (.pdf) 


Lane County

Lane County Presentation Sept. 2018 (.pdf) 
Lane County Preliminary Presentation 3/11/19 (.pdf)
Lane County Final Forecast Tables(.xlsx) 
Lane County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)


Malheur County

Malheur County Introductory Presentation Sept. 2018 (.pdf)
Malheur County Preliminary Presentation 3/11/19 (.pdf)
Malheur County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx) 
Malheur County Final Forecast Report (.pdx) 


Morrow County

Morrow County Presentation Sept. 2018 (.pdf)
Morrow County Preliminary Presentation 3/13/19 (.pdf)
Morrow County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Morrow County Final Forecast Report (.pdf) 

Sherman County

Sherman County Introductory Presentation Sept. 2018 (.pdf)
Sherman County Preliminary Presentation 3/13/19 (.pdf)  
Sherman County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)  
Sherman County Final Forecast Reports (.pdf)


Umatilla County

Umatilla County Introductory Presentations Sept. 2018 (.pdf)
Umatilla County Preliminary Presentation 3/12/19 (.pdf) 
Umatilla County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx) 
Umatilla County Final Forecast Report (.pdf) 


Union County

Union County Introductory Presentation Sept. 2018 (.pdf)
Union County Preliminary Presentation 3/12/19 (.pdf) 
Union County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx) 
Union County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)  


Wallowa County

Wallowa County Introductory Presentations Sept. 2018 (.pdf) 
Wallowa County Preliminary Presentation 3/12/19 (.pdf)  
Wallowa County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx) 
Wallowa County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)  


Wheeler County

Wheeler County Introductory Presentations Sept. 2018 (.pdf) 
Wheeler County Preliminary Presentation 3/11/19 (.pdf)  
Wheeler County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)  
Wheeler County Final Forecast Report (.pdf) 

Southern and Central Oregon (Region 1)

Coos County

Coos County Introductory Presentation, 10/10/17 (.pptx)
Coos County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 2/28/18 (.pdf)
Coos County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Coos County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Coos County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Crook County

Crook County Introductory Presentation, 10/18/17 (.pptx)
Crook County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/10/18 (.pdf)
Crook County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx) 
Crook County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Crook County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Curry County

Curry County Introductory Presentation, 10/10/17 (.pptx)
Curry County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 2/27/18 (.pdf)
Curry County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Curry County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Curry County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Deschutes County

Deschutes County Introductory Presentation, 10/18/17 (.pptx) 
Deschutes County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/6/18 (.pdf) 
Deschutes County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Deschutes County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Deschutes County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Douglas County

Douglas County Introductory Presentation, 10/11/17 (.pptx)
Douglas County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 2/28/18 (.pdf)
Douglas County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx) 
Douglas County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)
Douglas County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)

Harney County

Harney County Introductory Presentation, 10/18/17 (.pptx)
Harney County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/6/18 (.pdf)
Harney County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx)
Harney County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx) 
Harney County Final Forecast Report (.pdf) 

Jackson County*

Jackson County Introductory Presentation, 10/11/17 (.pptx) 
Jackson County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 2/28/18 (.pdf) PDF iconR1_Jackson.pdf
Jackson County Proposed Forecast Tables (.xlsx)   
Jackson County Final Forecast Tables (.xlxs)  
Jackson County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx) 
Jackson County Final Forecast Report (.pdf) 

*Please be aware that the final population forecasts differ from the preliminary forecasts due to a challenge made during the 45-day Review Process.

Jefferson County

Jefferson County Introductory Presentation, 10/18/17 (.pptx)  
Jefferson County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/6/18 (.pdf) 
Jefferson County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx) 
Jefferson County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx) 
Jefferson County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)  

Josephine County

Josephine County Introductory Presentation, 10/11/17 (.pptx) 
Josephine County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 2/28/18 (.pdf)  
Josephine County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx) 
Josephine County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx) 
Josephine County Final Forecast Report (.pdf) 

Klamath County

Klamath County Introductory Presentation, 10/17/17 (.pptx) 
Klamath County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/7/18 (.pdf)  
Klamath County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx) 
Klamath County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)  
Klamath County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)  

Lake County

Lake County County Introductory Presentation, 10/17/17 (.pptx)  
Lake County Preliminary Forecast Presentation, 3/7/18 (.pdf)  
Lake County Final Forecast Tables (.xlsx) 
Lake County Forecast Comparison, 2015/2018 (.xlsx)  
Lake County Final Forecast Report (.pdf)