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Community Assessment

To plan for housing developments, social services or community programs, to fulfill requirements in the application process to qualify for government funding, or simply to evaluate demographic characteristics and monitor changes, many private and government organizations need to know the demographic and socio-economic composition of a particular community. PRC staff have expertise working with census and administrative data, obtaining data from various sources (including from surveys generated by PRC), and preparing estimates and projections. These organizations routinely request help from PRC. In response, PRC conducts assessment studies for various agencies and communities. A community assessment study usually consists of a description and analysis of general population and housing characteristics. In most cases, a client's request pertains to a specific demographic or socio-economic aspect of a community, such as a special needs population, housing supply, or poverty and the presence of a target population group or an unmet need. A typical community assessment report consists of the tabulated data, graphs and maps, comparative analysis over time and/or by location, and interpretive text and findings.

PRC's clients have included Head Start, Portland Youthbuilders, the Oregon Departnent of Transportation, several county health departments, housing developers and agencies, and San Diego County.

Below are examples of community assessment reports prepared by PRC staff.

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