About PRC

Welcome to the Population Research Center (PRC) website.

Our goal is to make census and other demographic information easily accessible to Oregonians and to provide timely, accurate, and relevant analyses of demographic related issues faced by the state of Oregon.

Our service to the State of Oregon began in 1956 with the creation of the Oregon Population Estimates Program, which chartered PRC with preparing annual population estimates for Oregon cities and counties. The Center moved to Portland State University in 1965, and now includes the Oregon State Data Center. This appointment added the responsibility of acting as lead state agency in working with the U.S. Census Bureau to disseminate information at local levels. Additionally, PRC is designated as the lead state representative in partnering with the Census Bureau through the Federal-State Cooperative for Population Estimates (FSCPE), and as participants in the Federal-State Cooperative for Population Projections.

As of July 1, 2013, Oregon law requires that the Population Research Center issue coordinated population forecasts for land use planning. Read more about the Oregon Population Forecast program.

PRC also provides demographic consulting services to private firms, public agencies, and not-for-profit groups requesting customized demographic data and analyses to assist in making informed planning and policy decisions. If you are looking for current or historical demographic data, or population forecasts for the State of Oregon, we invite you to peruse the rich data sources available on our website. If you don't find the information you are looking for, we invite you to contact us via e-mail or phone through information listed in the 'Contact Us' tab.

We welcome you to our website and hope you will find its products and services useful. We welcome your comments and suggestions for improving our services. Thank you for your interest.


Charles Rynerson
Interim Director
Population Research Center

2019 Oregon Transparency Annual Report (revenue and expenditure)