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Power Engineering Laboratory
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!

Power engineering focuses on the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity as well as the design of a range of power related systems.  These include transformers, electric generators, electric motors, power converters, and various linear and nonlinear loads.  The Power Engineering Lab provides a place for students establish an educational foundation that leads to careers in the areas of electric power, power electronics, industrial systems and electric machines.  It is a place where high quality, application-oriented, engineering education meets industrial standards and principles.  The lab is supported by the companies of the Portland Power Pool, with donations coming from Portland General Electric, SEL, OTI, Easy Power, Test Equity, Tektronix, Veris Industries, Bonneville Power Administration and PacifiCorp.  Students completing a major focused on power engineering receive a strong foundation in electronics, analog and digital signal conditioning, microprocessor hardware and software, industrial electronics, power systems analysis, power systems protection and rotating machinery.