Commemorative Art

About the artists

Every year Portland State of Mind art is created for a colorful line of T-shirts, tote bags and other gear. That's only one of the reasons why our motto is Ten Days of Serious Fun!


Keeping it simple, witty and pleasing to the eye guided alumnus and graphic artist Kyle Vsetecka ’16 as he created art for this year’s Portland State of Mind celebration. Vsetecka (the “v” is silent) started with basic shapes that morphed into iconic elements that represent his Portland: a city that values community and inclusivity while keeping it fun. A Portland native, Vsetecka fits freelance projects around his day job as a graphics artist at Airtype Studio, a branding agency.  View more of his work at


With a view of the city from his Portland State office, inspiration for the 2017 Portland State of Mind signature art was right there for Creative Director Brett Forman. He has worked as a graphic designer for 16 years—the past eight at PSU. You can find his illustrations scattered throughout University publications. His favorite part of being a designer? “I enjoy collaborating with other creative folks to come up with great work,” says Forman, who also freelances. See his work at





Rory Phillips ’09, graphic design, had the city’s freewheeling spirit in mind when he hand-drew the artwork for the 2016 Portland State of Mind celebration. His concept, a jacket covered in patches, evokes the urban ethos: biking, community, sustainability and a DIY mindset. A Portland-based designer, illustrator, printmaker and animator, Phillips teaches advanced illustration at PSU. Learn more about Rory and his work at



Graphic Design alumna Randi Haugland '12—who works under the moniker Randimade—lent her distinctive hand-drawn style to artwork for the University's annual Portland State of Mind celebration. Her 2015 design traces the history of Portland along a twisting timeline, highlighting events and major landmarks. "I wanted to mostly pick things that are very recognizable to us day-to-day," she says, "That includes bridges, transportation, etc., but I also wanted to sprinkle in a few that people may not know about, like the Lewis and Clark fair or the history of PSU itself." Learn more about Randi and her work at



Cindy Sullivan '14 is a designer with a passion for typography and a style that combines hand-made imagery with modern technology. Born and raised in Alaska, she has traveled the world and is inspired by the art, folklore, simplicity and history of different cultures. A recent graduate of Portland State University, she is now based in Portland and is working on a short animated film, “The Gold Leaf Girl.” Learn more about her and her work at



Joe Wirtheim is a graphic artist based in Portland, Oregon. He graduated in 2009 from Portland State University with a BS in Communication Studies. His current project, “The Victory Garden of Tomorrow” is a graphic poster design series that has been recognized in Martha Stewart Living magazine, Organic Gardening magazine and elsewhere. Learn more about him and his project at and