About Portland State of Mind


A Festival of Knowledge and Culture

For 14 days in October, Portland State University rolls out the welcome mat and invites everyone to campus for a jam-packed celebration of knowledge and culture. That’s the spirit embodied in Portland State of Mind, an annual event that highlights the unique relationship between PSU and the Portland community.


What began as PSU Weekend for alumni many years ago has transformed into a much bigger idea-centered festival that brings together students, faculty, alumni and the broader community. In its fifth year, PSOM featured more than 50 events including live music, a televised debate, engaging speakers, the Vikings homecoming football game and much, much more.   

Commemorative Art

Each year's event includes a colorful new line of T-shirts, tote bags and other gear with lively art designed by PSU grads. That's only one of the reasons why the PSOM motto is Ten Days of Serious Fun! Check out the terrific designs and make sure to purchase this year's merchandise online or at the PSU Bookstore

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Portland State of Mind


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