Pacific NW Landscape Assessment & Mapping Program
The Landscape Assessment and Mapping Program works to provide landscape level natural resource management tools such as vegetation layers, predictive modeling, and wildlife distributions.

About LAMP

The Landscape Assessment and Mapping Program (LAMP) is a program of the Institute for Natural Resources - Portland, part of the School of the Environment in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Portland State University.

The largest project LAMP has been involved with is the Integrated Landscape Assessment Project. This was a multi-state project funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and created or maintained more than 50 jobs in four states. The project assessed watershed-level prioritization of land management actions based on fuel conditions, wildlife and aquatic habitats, economic values, and projected climate change across all lands in Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington.

Other projects include the Historical Vegetation Mapping and National Park Service Vegetation Mapping. LAMP products include GIS files of historical vegetation for many areas of Oregon, and wildlife models that were used in part to create the Oregon Wildlife Explorer. We continue to improve on these models and are working to create more historical vegetation maps.


LAMP is located with the Oregon Biodiversity Information Center and the Institute for Natural Resources in Suite 140 of the Science and Education Center, at 2112 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR.

Mailing address:

Institute for Natural Resources - Portland / INR 
Portland State University 
P.O. Box 751 
Portland, OR 97207 - 0751

Phone: 503-725-9950