Chronology of the Organization of the PNNA

Oct  2003
     Submission of a white paper proposal
     Title:   Fabrication Facility for the Development of Nano-Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS) Technology.
               An emphasis on the development on NanooPolymers, Fluidics and Optical Devices. 
     By:     A. La Rosa (Physics),  M. Yan (Chemistry), and L. Meekisho and M. Weislogel (Mechanical Engineering).
               Submitted to:  Concept Paper. Proposal for Investing in Sponsored Research -2003. Contest organized
               by the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects.
     This 5-page white paper wass selected by the ORSP for a full proposal submission

Jan 2004

     Submission of joint proposal:
     Title : “Initiation of Basic Infrastructure for the Development of Nanotechnology at PSU. Instrumentation and 
               Technical Support for Fabrication, Characterization and Packaging of Nano  Polymer/Fluidic/Optical 
               Devices and Nanostructures.” 
     By:      A. La Rosa (Physics), L. Meekisho and M. Weislogel (Mechanical Engineering), and M. Yan (Chemistry)
               S. Benight (Chemistry), P. Moeck (Physicxs), J. Jiao (Physics),  C. Li (Physics), J. Morris (Electrical and 
               Computer Engineering), R. Koenenkamp (Physics), S. Reed (Chemistry), S. Yi (Mechanical and Materials
     Submitted to: PSU Office of Research and Sponsored projects.

June 2004

     Submission of a joint proposal:
     Title:   NanoTechnology Center: Nanometrology group &federal grant writing support infrastructure.
     By:      Peter Moeck (PH), Andres La Rosa (PH), Chunfei Li (PH), Rolf Koenenkamp (PH), Scott Reed (PH), 
               Steve Benight (CH),  James Morris (EE)

Feb-Jun 2005 

     Submission to the ORSP Office: a Rationale Document justifying the purchaseof a set of basic micro-fabrication
     systems,   as well as a request for laboratory space for their operation. The list included:
     a)  Mask aligner, including spin coating system (brand new).  $90k. 
     b)  Electron  Beam Evaporator, EBE (used). (~ $45k).
     c)  Electron Beam Lithography, EBL, unit (brand new). $40k
     d)  Refurbishing of a Focused Ion-Beam (FIB) system. (Seiko 8800) (Donation).
     e)  RIE system (~ 45k).


     Award from ORSP: $175k (exact amount may go up).

Jan-March 2006

     Electron  Beam Evaporator + a Chiller systems arrive to PSU. Both units were initially housed temporarily at Dr.
     Jim Morris’ laboratory.
     Mask aligner arrives to PSU in March-2006. 

 May 2006
     ORSP agrees the NSTG operate in SB2 Room 405.
     Mask aligner and EBE are implemented in SB2-405.
     ORSP approves the installation of a  Modular Clean Room inside SB2-405.