Physics Department Faculty

Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty


  • Erik Bodegom, Professor of Physics. Imaging, solid state sensors, and education.
  • Chris Butenhoff, Associate Professor of Physics. Climate change, computational methods in inverse modeling.
  • John L. Freeouf, Professor of Physics. Expert on semiconductor interfaces.
  • Aslam Khalil, Professor of Physics. Global climate change.
  • Rolf Könenkamp, Gertrude Rempfer Professor of Physics. Semiconductor materials and devices, photoemission microscopy, electron optics.
  • Andres La Rosa, Professor of Physics. Semiconductor and polymer nanostructures, mesoscopic systems.
  • Pui-Tak (Peter) Leung, Professor of Physics. Theoretical atomic, molecular, and optical physics.
  • Drake C. Mitchell, Professor of Physics. Membrane biophysics.
  • Peter Moeck, Professor of Physics. Crystallography at the nanometer length scale.
  • Jay Nadeau, Associate Professor of Physics. Molecular Biophysics.
  • Andrew Rice, Associate Professor of Physics. Atmospheric Science.
  • Erik Sánchez, Professor of Physics. Microscopy, nuclear energy, education tool design.
  • Raj Solanki, Professor of Physics. Electronic materials and devices, biosensors.
  • Jack C. Straton, Associate Professor, Physics & University Studies. Quantum scattering theory.
  • Ralf Widenhorn, Professor of Physics. Physics education research, digital imaging.


Instructional, Research, and Adjunct Faculty


  • Dave Evans, Adjunct Instructor
  • Priya Jamkhedkar, Instructor. astrophysics, curriculum development
  • Nicholas Kuzma, Adjunct Instructor. Applied optics and computational statistics.
  • Yongwen G. Lampert, Adjunct Instructor. Undergraduate education in physics.
  • Andy Martwick, Adjunct Instructor. High speed signaling and surface plasmonics.
  • Robert Word, Adjunct Research Instructor. Nanoscale physics and photoemission electron microscopy.


Emeritus Faculty


  • Jon Abramson, Professor Emeritus of Physics. Membrane biophysics, calcium transport, oxidative stress.
  • Carl Bachuber, Professor Emeritus of Physics. Ph.D. 1964 University of Washington.
  • Donald C. Howard, Professor Emeritus of Physics. Mössbauer spectroscopy, solid state studies of naturally occurring minerals and rocks.
  • Guang-jiong Ni, Professor Emeritus of Physics. Theoretical physics including quantum mechanics, relativity, quantum field theory, and the role of antimatter in general relativity.
  • Arnold Pickar, Professor Emeritus of Physics.
  • Pieter Rol, Professor Emeritus of Physics.
  • Jack S. Semura, Professor Emeritus of Physics. Statistical physics, maximum entropy, complex systems. 
  • Pavel K. Smejtek, Professor of Physics. Membrane biophysics, scanning tunneling microscopy, chemical and solid state physics.