PE 140

Level: All

This class is reality based: we will teach what works best to defend against threats to your life and body in the real world. The training exposes you to simulated verbal attacks from obnoxious bar patrons, vulgar street thugs and the common irate, shopper who gets in your face and starts cussing a blue streak in the parking lot. As a reality based class the students are presented with live simulations which forces one to function even while jacked up on adrenaline. Since the adrenal rush is an instinctual reaction to stress, the trick is learning to harness and focus all that power into one’s defense by using tools that don’t require size or strength for the average person. Preferred strategy: remain cognizant of surrounding at all times. This increases our chance of being successful and fluctuates from day to night.


Students Objectives

  • Handling a situation: recognize threat, defend, counter, leave.
  • Learning how to develop power and how to stop power. Training starts first by executing the technique –usually a simple strike such as a hammerfist, elbow smash, knee thrust or front kick while moving at slow speed, burning the movement into muscle memory. Second, you amp up your speed and power through repetitions.  Driving your techniques through the kicking shield while a person is holding it.  You need to feel what it’s like to hit a target that reacts to the force you impart.
  •  Training: learn techniques that are effective, versatile to apply to a variety of situations, which lessens the risk of freezing when action is needed. Students will learn combinations (not extraneous techniques) that are natural, reactive and based on body mechanics that makes them fluid and instinctive with very little practice. One tool flows into the next with minimal delay which gives the opponent less time to react.
  • Belief in that to make a good defense you need to know the offense. To make a good defense against a kick, learn how to deliver one. For example as in defending against a weapon, one should know how weapons work, what are the advantages/disadvantages.


Evaluation & Grading Attendance - Be on time

The class is attendance-driven. Consider that in each class you are being evaluated, so do your best. The majority of your evaluation will come from being in class. Since participation is a main component of the class, wear comfortable, appropriate clothes that allow practicing defenses from the floor or when standing. If you attend class and feel you are not up to working physically, be prepared to actively evaluate what you observe. I encourage you to come to class if you have a non-contagious medical problem such as a sprained ankle and do what is physically possible. But since the nature of the class lends itself to close contact with other people be kind and refrain from passing around the flu or cold, opt out by sitting on the sidelines. Use this sparingly. Practical tests to determine the students’ defensive capabilities will be given throughout the term.