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Smart Shades
Smart Shades

A team of Clean Tech Challenge semifinalists is building a solar-powered "smart" shade for outdoor installation that will open and close automatically.

According to the team, their automated external shades will reduce solar gain by shading windows and externally preventing the buildup of heat pockets between the glass and indoor shades or curtains, thus lowering the temperature indoors and reducing the need for energy to cool a house.

The “smart” shades will employ solar-powered sensors and motors to monitor the temperature outside of a house and open and close the shades when the intensity of the outdoor temperature increases and decreases throughout the day. The team also plans to develop an application to connect the shades to “smart” home HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems.

If deployed at scale, the team believes their device will drive down demand for energy and reduce the cost of electricity.

Authored by Shaun McGillis
Posted September 5, 2014