L. Rudolph Barton, Professor of Architecture, Receives Fulbright Award
Author: Karen O'Donnell Stein
Posted: April 10, 2014

Professor of Architecture L. Rudolph Barton has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright Visiting Professorship to the Glasgow School of Art in Scotland for the 2014-2015 academic year. Barton is the first PSU professor to receive a Fulbright Scholar Award to travel to the United Kingdom.

The highly competitive award allows Barton to spend six months, from January to June, working with the Urban Lab of the Mackintosh School of Architecture and urban design staff with the city of Glasgow. The goals of the research project include developing an urban design case study of Glasgow, as well as creating reciprocal exchange programs between PSU and the Glasgow School of Art and strategic partnerships between the cities of Portland and Glasgow.

The US-UK Fulbright Commission offers one award each year to a US citizen “to contribute to the development of curriculum and research agenda of the Glasgow Urban Lab,” according to the Commission’s web site. The Glasgow Urban Laboratory is a partnership of the Mackintosh School of Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art and Glasgow City Council’s Department of Development and Regeneration Services.

“I am so grateful to the US-UK Fulbright Commission for this opportunity to study urban transformation in Glasgow,” said Barton.

“The city of Glasgow and Scotland itself are major success stories in innovative urban design. Glasgow has transformed itself from something of an industrial wasteland into one of Europe’s most energetic, creative cultural centers. I hope to bring back a few ideas so that Portland, and Oregon, can learn from Glasgow’s example.”

Created by treaty in 1948, the US-UK Educational Commission (Fulbright Commission) fosters mutual cultural understanding through educational exchange between both nations.