Winter Term 2019

Brad Berman: On Sabbatical

Greg Blakemore: M 1.00-2.00, and by appointment

Peter Boghossian: TR 9.30-10.30

Mark Cohen: 308 M 7.00-9.00; 309 T 7.00-9.00

Angela Coventry: T 1.00-2.00, and by appointment

Bryan Cwik: M 3.00-4.30, and by appointment

Brian Elliott: MW 8.45-9.45

Bob Gillis: MW 4.00-5.00

Steve Goldman: Before and after class, and by appointment

Jamie Hardy: By appointment.

R. Kevin Hill: TR 12.00-1.00

Avram Hiller: TR 2.30-3.30, and by appointment

Aleksandar Jokic: Online by appointment

David Komito: Online by appointment

Monica Mueller: M 2.00-3.30; W 9.00-9.50

Noah Sharpsteen: R 3.00-5.00

Colin Patrick: Online by appointment

Alex Sager: W 2.00-3.00; F 10.00-12.00, and by appointment

Tom Seppalainen: M 12.00-2.00; 306 M 12.00-1.00

Randy Spencer: R 12.00-1.00

Dave Weber: TR 11.30-1.00