Digitalized Perspectives

Digitalized Perspectives

MK Gallery
January 9-30, 2020
Reception and Panel: January 9th, 2020  5pm

Reflexions Automne 3 Détail by Mathilde Leroy

Advances in biotechnology, computation, and optical technologies have repurposed techniques and extended the possibilities for art. This gives rise to questions of interpretation and significance, calling for multidisciplinary efforts to explore their ontological, societal, ethical and environmental dimensions. Digitalized Perspectives brings artists and theories across disciplines and media into dialogue around an international multimedia art exhibition. 

Gabrijel Hammong Savic Ra

Dr. Angela Coventry (Philosophy), Dr. Bryan Cwik (Philosophy)

Richard Sawdon Smith (UK)
Jonathan Armour (UK)
Mathilde Leroy (France)
Margarida Paiva (Norway)
Andjela Stevanovic (Serbia)
Enaab Karim (Bangladesh)
Sam Hicks (USA)
Riley Slusarenko (USA)
Jason Jenn (USA)
Vojislav Radovanovic (Serbia)


Jason Jenn (Artist)
Vojislav Radovanovic (Artist)
Dr. Bryan Cwik (PSU, Philosophy)
Dr. Angela Coventry (PSU, Philosophy)

Place of the Artist in Art World, January 24th, 5:15pm
Instructor: Gabrijel Hammond Savic Ra

International curator and artist Gabrijel Hammond Savic Ra will lead a workshop for artists. 
Workshop topics include:
- Strategies for artists to place their work in the galleries, art festivals, and museums
- Identifying funding sources
- Grant writing for artists
- Art Institute applications

The workshop is free and open to all.